Tip: Showing Houses In the Heat of the Summer

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Tip: Showing Houses In the Heat of the Summer

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So, you want to sell your house but you wonder who's going to come see it and make an offer to buy it when the temperature is 100+ degrees.  Good question!
According to our Centralized Showing Service stats, there was a drop in the number of showings the first few days the temperature first reached the 100 degree mark.  What does this mean for the home seller? It means that the number of people looking at your home may be fewer. It also means that those people out looking are serious about buying a house. Just like home buyers who look at houses during snow storms & holidays, the buyers who come out in this heat have a reason and serious intent to buy a house now.

Tips for making your home appealing during the heat of the summer:

1. Water your lawn, flowerbeds, and trees. Buyers want to see a healthy looking outside. Don't let your house be the one with the brown grass and droopy, dead plants in front! Lush landscaping on the outside will have the buyers in an optimistic mood as they enter.

2. Turn the AC on 72 - 74 degrees. Don't cheap out on the AC. People will be hot  and uncomfortable driving around looking at homes; make them glad to be in yours! Make your home the 'oasis in the desert' - the oasis they don't want to leave.

3. Leave some bottles of ice cold water on ice in the sink along with a note on the kitchen counter inviting the buyers & their agent to help themselves. This will give the buyers a good memory of your house. It will also improve their impression of your home as they are going through it. Hot, thirsty people are harder to please than cool, well-hydrated people.

4. Throw away all the smelly air fresheners! The heat seems to make people more sensitive to smells and sellers often use scents that may not appeal to as many people as they think it will. A clean, fresh smell is what's needed when the heat is melting the asphalt.